S-OIL PJT HD289 05.jpg

(Shallow Water Pipelay Barge)

Registry:  Vanuatu

Classification:  ABS

Length:  106.7 m

Width:  21.6 m

Depth:  6.9 m

Operating Draft:  3.7 m

Quarters:  244 Persons

Anchors:  8 x 8 Tons

Maximum Pipelay Capacity:  O.D. 48 inch

Tenshioners: 2 x 70 Kips (Total 63.5 M.Tons)

A/R Winch:  1 x 75 Tons

Davit Crane:  5 x 63.5 Tons

Crane: 250 Ton Crawler Crane (KOBELCO 7250-2F)

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