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The Oriental Energy

Oriental Energy Pte Ltd has established in 2008 to provide recruitment services for offshore oil & gas industry, marine industry and shipbuilding industry.

In offshore and marine sectors, we are providing multinational crews for construction barges, oil rigs, FPSO, anchor handling tugs (AHT), supply vessels, merchant marine vessels etc. As for onshore industry we are providing professionals, engineers, office staffs and labors for factory and port cargo handling companies etc.

Oriental Energy is providing the professional services of chartering, sales and purchase offshore and marine vessels/barges for offshore oil and gas projects.


Oriental Energy provides the project management consultation and procurement services for offshore oil & gas and renewable energy projects. Our objective is to provide professional services to our clients. We are doing our best as to meet client’s requirement, to be efficient in time and budgetary concerns.

In 2016, Oriental Energy owns and operates HYUNDAI-289 Shallow Water Pipelay Barge.

Oriental Energy trades commodities for Mineral Resources (Copper, Nickel, Aluminum, etc.), CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and Refined Palm Oil. 

Oriental Energy arranges investments and executes projects with reputable partners for palm refineries, oil fields, jetty construction, reclamation works and other construction projects.

Oriental Energy provides HREM Technology for Accurate Real Time Data to identify Oil & Gas presence detailed depth location and coordinates for well drilling points in Oil & Gas Field.

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